I am an instructor at the University of Maryland. I obtained my bachelors of Arts in Philosophy in May 2020. My focus was in meta-ethics and epistemology. I can be contacted at cliffbakalian@gmail.com


Metaphysics and Epistemology

Causation, Chance, and Law: Metaphysical studies on causation, chance and law
Term Project

Wisdom of Crowds: Studies on crowd behaviour and crowd knowledge
Term Project

Innate Knowledge: Discussions on what knowledge is innate for humans, if any
Innate Morality

Philosophy of the Mind: Arguments for the existence of the mind that is separate from the physical body
Self knowledge

Know Thyself: Wisdom Through Cognitive Science: Weird mental things that we do without our knowledge

Ethics and Value Theory

Contemporary Moral Issues: Common ethical problems like abortion and death penalty

Comparison, Conflict, and Change: Addressing when our values conflict and chance and how to compare incomparable values
Transformative Experiences.

The Ethics of Sex: How sex and sexual expression is an extension of our autonomy
Sexual Orientation


Modern Philosophy: Modern Western Philosophy from 17th -20th centuries

Ancient Philosophy: Ancient Philosophy focusing mostly on Plato.